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Trinity Church

The Chapel at Beaver Creek

9:30 am  Sunday
33 Elk Track Road, Beaver Creek Chapel

If you are staying within the Beaver Creek Resort, the resort ‘dial-a-ride’ service will be happy to bring you to and from the service.  

Directions: To drive to the Beaver Creek Chapel, go through the entrance gate at Beaver Creek, take Village Road all the way past the golf courses and the village.  The chapel is just past the bus stop area on the left.  There is parking just past the Chapel on the left side of the road.

About the service: This worship service is primarily attended by second homeowners and our Resort Guests. This service is more contemplative service. The music is traditional, mixed with the occasional praise and worship song. There are many second homeowners and guests that attend this service. It is a great place to quiet your heart, mind and spirit to reflect on God's word and meditate in prayer. ative in nature, and the music is traditional, mixed with the occasional praise and worship song.

Trinity Church in Edwards

11:00 am  Sunday
90 Lariat Loop, Edwards

Directions: To get to the Edwards Chapel, get off I-70 at the Edwards exit, #163, and head south to Highway 6. Turn left and head east on Hwy 6 to Bull Run Road on your right (just past the Edwards Business Center). Take Bull Run Road to the top and you will end up at our driveway/parking lot.

About the service: This is our local family service, and the location of our Youth and Children’s ministry.  We have a staffed nursery and a cry room looking into our auditorium (if your little one isn’t quite ready for the nursery!). Our Edwards worship service is led by a praise & worship band (in other words, we rock a bit!). It is a great place to experience warm fellowship and spiritual growth in relationship to Christ and other believers.

We are incredibly blessed and thankful for the wonderful property and facility God has entrusted to us.  It is our prayer that this facility is used as much as possible for God's Kingdom, and toward this we host numerous groups and activities that are not directly connected to our own church ministry.  If you would like to learn about possibly using our facility for an event, feel free to contact us at our church office.

While we reserve the right to determine when and for what purposes our facilities may appropraitely be used, we are a community oriented church and welcome any potential event or group whose purposes or activities do not conflict with our own church purposes, convictions, and sincerely held faith beliefs.

Our campus includes the following facilities:

  • "The Cabin", currently the home of the Samaritan Counseling Center of The Rockies, and the location of a local AA chapter and other community based non-profit acvities.
  • The Crissa Swinford and Mark Kennedy Memorial Garden
  • The Kennedy Youth Center.  This wonderful facility includes several multi-purpose spaces, and a beautiful conference room (montly location for several community based non-profit meetings)
  • Our main building, containing our auditorium, offices, childrens minsitry spaces, and fellowship hall
  • Our childrens playground, main lawn, and terraced wall



    Service Times

    The Chapel at Beaver Creek
    9:30 am

    Edwards Campus
    11:00 am

    Trinity Church

    90 Lariat Loop
    Edwards, CO 81632

    phone: 970-926-1759

    Office Hours
    Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 9:00am-12:00pm

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