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Trinity Church
Trinity Church is seeking a full time pastor of youth and worship. 
If you love Jesus, are centered in God’s Word, have an entrepreneurial spirit, and most importantly have a love of youth and the ministry of worship, we would love to talk to you about this opportunity.

Who we are
Trinity is a small evangelical church in the central mountains of Colorado.  While our denomination is Southern Baptist, we are a diverse family, coming from many different denominational and life backgrounds. A small minority of our people actually come from a Baptist background.  We are politically diverse, and our people range from young struggling families to established business owners, from brand new believers to mature saints. Our median demographic is families with school aged children, although we have a healthy share of empty nesters and a smaller group of senior adults.

Click HERE for some pictures of our church family

Our values
We are a local church that loves Jesus, believes the Bible, and believes that Jesus calls us to love one another and the world around us.  This isn’t our full statement of faith, but here are values we hold sacred.

  • It’s not about us!  We are here because of the Love and Amazing Grace of God, expressed to all people through the Life, Death, and Resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ.  As believers, we are not perfect, but we are In Christ.  He is our Identity, our Hope, and our very Life.
  • We believe in Truth!  In a world increasingly defined by relativism and denial of moral truth, we hold that Scripture contains the full and fully accurate revelation of God’s Love and Redemption for all of mankind.
  • Because God first loves us, we are able to Love Him.  The Bible tells us that the greatest expression of our Love for God is loving the people around us, whom He also loves.
  • In Christ, we have received the miracle of eternal forgiveness, but that is not all!  The Disciple of Jesus Christ has been made new, set free, given new Life, indwelled by the Holy Spirit, and called into the amazing reality of the Church, the Body of Christ, and the Kingdom of God.  
  • Being a Disciple of Jesus isn’t just about going to Heaven when we die.  Jesus is the God of the right now, and we desire to know and experience His presence here, in the midst of life as it really is.  Until we join Christ fully in Heaven, He calls us to share His work of bringing the New Life of the Gospel to all people.
  • CLICK HERE for our full statement of faith

Our ministry
The Trinity family is made up of two congregations.  We have a morning service at the Beaver Creek Resort Chapel, a facility shared by five different congregations.  This service is made up mostly of resort guests and second homeowners. It is more traditional in nature, and the congregation is a different group of people every week.  Depending on the season of year, this service can range in size from 15 people to 100 people.
Our local church family, to which this ministry position primarily applies, is based out of our own church campus in Edwards.  From here we have our local valley ministries, including children, youth, and a variety of adult oriented ministries.  Our worship service at Edwards is less formal, very relational, and typically led by a praise band.  This service averages around 60-70 people in worship, plus our children’s ministry.  In our current Covid environment, about half of our people are currently coming to church in person.

Click HERE for more information about our two service locations, and images of our Edwards Campus

Our community
The Eagle Valley (also called the Vail Valley) is a resort oriented mountain community. We are home to two of the most popular ski resorts in North America- Vail and Beaver Creek. While not everything revolves around the resort, it is the base of our economy, as is a wide variety of mountain, hiking, biking, and river activities.

Like many resort communities, our valley is beautiful, but also a highly unchurched and in some ways a spiritually dark place.  The entire Christian community here is less than 10% of our population.  Ours is a very civic and community oriented culture, but overwhelmingly secular.  As such, we are very much a mission field. It is not uncommon at all to encounter students - and adults for that matter - who have never opened a Bible and virtually no concept of the gospel at all.

Our Team

  • Pastor Ethan.  Ethan Moore is in his 17th year as Trinity’s senior pastor, and he and Lisa have lived in the Eagle Valley since 1995.  They have two adult children.
  • Pastor Nikki. Nikki Kohrmann has led Trinity’s children’s, women’s, and church life ministries for 12 years.  She also coordinates our church wide discipleship ministries. Nikki and Bryan have raised their three children at Trinity, and their youngest daughter is entering the middle school youth ministry.
  • Donna.  Donna Teague is Trinity’s part time church administrator.  Donna and Mike have two children, and their oldest daughter is also entering our middle school youth ministry.
  • Our leadership.  We are blessed to have a wonderful leadership team of men and women, all have been part of our church family for over sixteen years.

Our Church Facility
We are blessed to be stewards of a modest but beautiful church campus in Edwards, the town in the center of the Eagle Valley.  While the current Covid crisis has limited the use of our facilities, we are well resourced for a wide variety of ministry activities when these become once again possible.  That said, our people are spread out over 40 miles of the Eagle Valley corridor (along I-70), and a good deal of our ministry takes place outside the walls of the church.

Essential values/traits for a ministry leader at Trinity

  • Most importantly, a ministry leader here in the mountains of Colorado needs to have a strong sense of calling to love and serve God’s people.  Ministry here is deeply rewarding but also very challenging, and impossible apart from an abiding relationship with Jesus Christ and a deep desire to lead and love His church.
  • A love for the mountains and outdoor oriented community.  Eagle County has a very high cost of living, and living here entails sacrifice and hard work.  To thrive here, these challenges are offset by the great joy and privilege of living in one of the most beautiful and fun environments in America.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit.  Ministry leadership here requires an energetic, creative, and outgoing ethic, especially in the arena of youth and student ministry.  If you join with us, you will be mentored, encouraged, and given great resources, but you must be a person who is self-motivated to pursue people and create ministry opportunities. We work hard, but our environment is relaxed, self-motivated, and entrepreneurial.
  • Sincere love of people.  This seems obvious, but loving ‘ministry’ isn’t enough.  You need to genuinely love people, which means you have the ability to mentor, guide, be patient when personalities conflict, and above all, pursue relationships.  This is true with recruiting and leading volunteers, working with parents, as well as leading a praise band of diverse people with very different personalities and schedules.
  • Authenticity.  Trinity is a ‘salt of the earth’ church, with construction workers, teachers, ski instructors, landscapers, first responders, small business owners, and the like.  We love fellowship (Covid has been especially hard here), we have fun, and our worship services aren’t showy or performance oriented.  Life can be hard at times for our people, and we desire to authentically love, encourage, and walk alongside each other in our relationship with Jesus.
  • Communication.  Ability to proactively and clearly communicate with students and adults, both written and verbally (good people skills).

Ministry Role Description
This position is a full time, salaried, vocational ministry role focusing on the leadership of our student ministries and worship at our Edwards service.  While you may occasionally assist at our Beaver Creek service, this job is for our local ministry based out of our Edwards congregation.

Youth Ministry Description

Time: Approximately 24 hours per week

Student age range: 6th through 12th grades.  Our schools here have 6th -8th grade as middle school.  Right now, we have a small number of high school students (6, give or take), and a larger incoming middle school group.  In a real sense, you will be building a new youth ministry starting with younger middle school students.

Primary leadership responsibilities

  • Youth group leadership.  Plan, prepare, and lead our weekly student ministry/discipleship gatherings.
  • Curriculum planning.  
    • Develop teaching/curriculum plan for each semester and summer discipleship gatherings.
    • Work with Pastors Ethan and Nikki to develop a long term discipleship strategy for students.
  • Developing and coordinating student ministry volunteers.
  • Relational ministry with students.  Attend school and sporting events, one-on-one/small group meetings during week, phone calls, social media, etc.  Pursue relationships with our students!
  • Planning and leading special events.  Fellowship events (bowling, etc), mission trips, summer adventure trips, discipleship camp, hikes, ski days, etc.
  • Oversee youth ministry budget and expenditures.
  • Multi-ethnic dynamic.  Over the past years, God has worked to bring a number of Latino youth into our student ministry. Most of these students’ parents do not attend our church, but we have embraced these students as our own.  While the ability to speak Spanish is not a requirement, our student minister must have a heart for youth from a range of ethnic/cultural and economic life situations.
Worship Ministry Description

Time: Approximately 12 hours per week, including 4 hours on Sunday

 Primary leadership responsibilities

  • Work with Pastor Ethan to plan Sunday worship service.  Select songs, special readings, etc.
  • Communicate weekly service information with service participants.
  • Lead worship team- recruiting, rehearsals, communication, etc
  • Leadership of worship during Edwards service
  • Prepare occasional special music.
  • Pursue support/pastoral relationship with members of worship team.
  • Coordinate preparation of media (ProPresenter) for Edwards worship service.
  • Coordinate sound/media volunteers.
  • Oversee the worship budget and expenditures

Other Ministry Responsibilities/Opportunities

  • Time: 2-4 hours per week, as necessary.
  • Participate in weekly staff ministry meeting.  You are a key part of the team!
  • Participate in church wide events, and whenever we have an “all hands on deck” preparation effort.
  • Develop cooperative relationship with other youth pastors of valley churches

Ministry Role Requirements

  • You are a mature- and maturing- follower of Christ.
  • You look to Scripture as the ultimate authority of Truth.
  • You are in agreement with and supportive of our church statement of faith.
  • You understand and are supportive of our church leadership and structure.
  • Education: A youth ministry or theological educational background is desired, but there is no specific educational requirement. With or without theological education, you will need to demonstrate your ability to step into competent leadership for these ministry roles.
  • Experience: We are willing to bring on a person of limited experience, given the right fit and passion for these positions.  Part of Trinity’s ‘DNA’ is bringing on people very early in their ministry and investing in their growth.  That said, we are open to talk to people from any experience level.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Flexibility to work the odd hours of a youth minister without impacting your family.  It can be difficult for ministry leaders with growing families to flourish in the often weekend or late evening hours of youth ministry. This includes the ability to be out of town on youth camp or mission trips several times a year, for up to a week at a time.
  • Musicianship.  Ability to lead worship vocally while playing either piano or guitar, ability with both instruments is a plus.  

Compensation Package
While no amounts are stipulated here, we understand that you have to be able to afford to live in our valley!  This is an overview, we are able to talk specifics at an initial interview.

  • Full time base salary.
  • Health insurance stipend.
  • Retirement plan matching contribution.
  • We will provide you with a laptop computer and smart phone.
  • Ministry meal stipend.
  • Ministry resource (books, etc) stipend.
  • Mountain recreation pass (winter/ski or summer).

We are motivated to move forward with this hire as soon as God leads us to the right person.  If this is you, we would desire to proceed toward a start date as soon as is feasible.

Last Thought Here!
If God brings you to join our team at Trinity, you will be challenged!  There is great opportunity for ministry growth and learning.  While we have expectations for our church ministry, you will be given the responsibility of charting the course for your areas of leadership, most specifically our youth ministry.  We invite you to consider if God is leading you to come to our mission field!

How To Apply
Email your resume and a cover letter to Pastor Ethan Moore at  Be sure to provide all your contact information.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email pastor Ethan at any time.

We will be in touch with you quickly, and go from there!

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