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Middle & High School Students
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We've got something for Middle and High School students, both up and down valley, going on throughout the week! 

Download a calender to see how to plug in.  It's great refrigerator material too, we promise!

Our desire in these times is to grow in a friendship with God and other people.  So, bring your friends along and let's learn about life - real life - and have some fun along the way!

Upcoming Events...
  • Every Sunday Morning (h.s./m.s.) 9:30am; Trinity Church
  • Nov.3-5 - Middle School Snow Camp; Crooked Creek in Frasier, CO
  • Nov.05 - (down-valley h.s./m.s.) 7-8:30pm; Youth Group; The Jenkins House
  • Nov.07 - (up-valley m.s.) 6:30-7:45pm; WyldLife; Trinity Church
  • Nov.08 - (down-valley h.s.) 7:30-8:45pm; Young Life; Gypsum Town Council Chambers
  • Nov.08 - (up-valley h.s./m.s.) 5-7:45pm; Dinner & Youth Group; Trinity Church
  • Nov.12 - (down-valley h.s.) 7:30-8:30pm; Campaigners Bible Study; Brandt House
  • Nov.14 - (up-valley m.s.) 6:30-7:45pm; WyldLife; Trinity Church
  • Nov.15 - (down-valley h.s.) 7:30-8:45pm; Young Life; Gypsum Town Council Chambers
  • Nov.15 - (up-valley h.s./m.s.) 5-7:45pm; Dinner & Youth Group; Trinity Church
  • Nov.17 - (down-valley m.s.) 6:15-7:30pm; WyldLife; Eagle Valley Middle School
  • Nov.19 - (down-valley h.s./m.s.) 7-8:30pm; Youth Group; Gypsum Town Council Chambers
  • Dec.1-3 - High School Snow Camp; Frontier Ranch in Buena Vista, CO

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